Hi everyone...I am new to the site so be easy on me as I still have a ton of research to do on the questions I am about to ask and CRNA info. in general.

I am in my third semester of nursing school and in Dec. I will be graduating with my ADN. I have recently started considering becoming a CRNA but before I get too far in making plans for this, I want to know from you if you think I even have a chance or if should choose a different path.

Looking back, I wasn't thrilled about nursing school when I first started. I didn't know what becoming a nurse was really all about. So, I didn't enjoy my first and second semesters that much. I didn't study like I should have and slacked off, quite honestly. (This earned me 2 C's for nursing. However, I did well in all my science classes that I took as pre-reqs with an A in Micro and a B in Anatomy.) I am now into my third semester and I am realizing just how lucky I am to have stumbled onto this great career choice. The options for jobs and different career paths really excites me. I have started applying myself and I am loving every minute of the process. Fingers crossed, I will be done in Dec. and then I can move onto my BSN.

One career path I am considering is becoming a CRNA. Right now, with my GPA hoving at 3.0, the lowest it has been (usually I am around a 3.4-3.7), I am worried about getting into CRNA school. I have a little over 2 semesters to get my GPA up in the ADN program. If I do this and then do really well in the BSN program, will I have a chance of being considered for CRNA school or have my first two semesters of nursing school screwed me for life?

Also, considering that I didn't go right for my BSN, I will be working while earning my BSN. I am thinking of working in the NICU. Does this qualify as the critical care experience they want you to have or do I have to work on a regular ICU floor? I am hoping to go into pediatric anesthesia so that is one reason I would like NICU experience.

Any thoughts people have for me to improve my chances of CRNA school acceptance and ways for me to make myself look desirable to CRNA schools is much needed and welcomed. I will be reading the posts on this site for advice and wisdom. Thank you all for your help!