I am trying to decide whether CRNA or MDA is a better fit for me. I know this Q has probably been asked a zillion times, so thanks for repeating yourself. I did read past postings, I'm just looking for more info.

I have been accepted to an RN program and am debating whether to go that route or the MD route. I understand the differences in the training processes and salaries, I'm more interested in the result, the day to day enjoyment/satisfaction/interactions.

Do some CRNAs wish they had gone the MDA route or vice versa? Why? If not, Why? What types of personalities are a better fit for CNRA or better for MDA? Is one more/less stressful? If you could go all the way back to the beginning which would you choose and why?

Anyone in the Seattle area that would be interested in letting a 30 yo engineer career-changer shadow them?

Thanks for responding.