I went to 2 interviews yesterday, CCU and CVICU.

CCU: 23 beds and sees a lot of --> Myocardial infarctions, chf and end stage chf, unstable angina, cardiogenic shock and has pts waiting on heart transplants. Pts on cvvhd. Uses swan ganz caths on some pts and IABPs. This unit just lost their big cardiology group so they may see a decrease in cardiovascular pts in the slight future, although when I went in yesterday, it was a full house.

CCU manager sounded a bit annoyed that she just lost 7 RNs because they were accepted into CRNA school. She asked me what my long term goal was before she started going on about losing her nurses to CRNA school.

CVICU: 24 beds and post open heart. All of the pts have swan ganz caths, iabps and pts on cvvhd. They are usually on 10-15 drips. Most pts are extubated in a few hrs and are up in chairs in 24 hrs except for the ones who obviously don't recover as they should. For the ones who do well, they are placed in the front of the unit for a couple days and then they go to another floor. The ladies told me that this unit is aggressive and more skill related.

The cvicu ladies also asked me what my long term goals were. When I didn't say CRNA, they went on about how people come to their unit and leave because of CRNA school.

I was offered both of these positions and obviously I will get plenty of experience on both units, but I'm leaning more towards the CVICU because it seems like I can learn a "bit" more about hemodynamics.

Any advice?