Hi everyone!

You guys were so helpful on my other thread, I thought this'd be the perfect place to ask my pre-ICU interview questions.

I know there are some other threads about starting in ICUs, so forgive me if you feel this is redundant:

I'll be graduating from a BSN program in May. I have an interview and shadow set up for Yale-New Haven Hospital's SICU in early March. I have some concern over starting in ICU post-graduation, but from what I've heard on this site, it's not an insane idea. I've worked in the ED for 1.5 years and am doing my 294-hours of Senior Practicum in the ICU (both depts are quite small).

My main question: a few SRNAs came to my unversity to talk about the job and school, etc. When I asked them about critical experience and working in an ICU, they stressed that I definately should not say that I'm looking to work in an ICU because I want to be a CRNA (aka I will be leaving the department in several years to go back to school). However, it worries me that when I'm asked in my ICU interview "why do you want to become an ICU nurse?", my answer will sound phony and otherwise "wrong" because I'm hiding the fact that my main objective is to become a CRNA. Plus, if they ask where I see myself in 5-10years, I'll have to make something else up as well.

Would you all suggest "hiding" the fact that I ultimately want to become a CRNA?

In addition, any advice, etc on what will be asked in a GN ICU interview would be greatly appreciated! Or, if you work at Yale New-Haven or any other surrounding CT hospitals, I'd love to hear from you!

Thanks much!