I have an honest question that I hope will not offend anyone. This question has been asked to me several times and I am not sure of the answer. What is the difference between a CRNA's 24-30 month's of training and an anesthesiology resident's 3 (I think) years training post med school and internship? How is it that a CRNA can practice anesthesia after 2-2.5 years of training that includes an intense didactic phase, while an MD must complete medical school, an internship, and then do 3+ years of anesthesia residency to be a provider? I understand that we as RN's do have a solid education and years of experience under our belts when we enter an anesthesia program, but is it really comparable? Please don't get me wrong, I will be starting CRNA school this year and I believe fully in the competency of the profession...I am just curious how their anesthesia residency differs from ours. Again, this is asked purely out of ignorance, not skepticsm. Thanks.