Hello everyone,
I'm new to this site. I have been browsing for awhile and now am an official member woohoo! I am an RN working in a Neuro ICU. I have had a long time burning desire to attend CRNA school. I have shadowed CRNAs during nursing school and now as an RN. I am currently going back to school right now to get my BSN. My main question relates to experience. I am currently working in a 20 bed Neuro ICU at a large hospital in Columbus, Oh. I am hoping to apply to CRNA school in the next few years after I complete the BSN portion. I know that schools prefer SICU or CCU experience. Will my experience only in Neuro make me a less competitive applicant? Should I consider transferring units before applying? My grades are very good, plan to get CCRN as soon as I can, hopefully get a good GRE score, etc. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, and love the site!!