Greetings to all. I really have no business posting here except for the fact that I am the lucky husband of a current applicant to two CRNA programs.... and that luck has nothing to do with whether or not she gets accepted, just lucky to be able to call her my wife. She introduced me to the forum several months ago by sending me the link "For the Wannabe with a Significant Other" in an attempt to prepare me for what she hopes will ulitimatley be her career. I can't really say that I am posting on her behalf because she has no idea that I am doing this. I am simply hoping to get some input on what some of the more experienced members here might have to say about her chances of getting accepted into a program if I give a brief synopsis of her qualifications: She graduated from nursing school 2 yrs ago and started in the CCU two days after graduation. She graduated as valedictorian of her nursing class w/ a 4.0 in the core curriculum. While she maintained an outstanding GPA throughout nursing school (she started @ 30 yrs old), her early college career between 18 & 22 was lackluster @ best.... Her cumulative/overall GPA is somewhere around a 2.9. She is both cardio and neuro certified in her unit and is one of only four to have both certifications. She is a member of her hospital's ethics committee and served as both treasurer and president of the state's student nurse association when she was in school. In November she eaned her CCRN, and in December she scored a 1330 on her GRE. She also serves as a preceptor in her unit and has turned in letters of recommendation w/ her application from some highly respected physicians who apparently don't often give recommendations. If I can think of any other qualifications that she may have I will post them or if anyone has any questions I will try to answer them. I appreciate anyone's input who may respond to my query and I promise that I will not be a regular submitter to the forum as I am completely and unequivicolly out of my realm in terms of professional discipline. Thanks in advance for your replies, and please wish her just a bit of luck.

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