I love this forum-- this is my 1st post.
I'm in--start in May--- Yea!! long road to get here!
Now--fear! I want to be more excited- but I'm kinda freakin-- anyone else have this experience? I know this is what I want. I think it may be that I really didn't think it would happen the 1st time I applied. I haven't even told everyone I work with yet because it seems so wierd to be leaving the place I've been for 12 yrs, friends, patient-care.... it's such a drastic change to be going back to school full-time, taking on the loans, etc - even though I've been preparing for this for the past 5 yrs. Then there is the fear that I'll fail once I get in..... Is it just that this "dream" (drama, I know) is finally underway-- that is really what is scary?