I've never met in person any of you, but I feel like many of you are my friends. Friends share things, and we have similiar goals, so we are even closer. My 17 year old daughter was killed today in a MVC. She died on impact. For those of you that believe in prayer lift us up. Others please remember us. I have family and friends close to me but you guys lift up each other on a daily basis have encouraged me in so many ways. I don't know where I go from here because she was so much of the reason I was going to go to CRNA school. I wanted to give her kids, when she had them, a better life than she had and to make up to her the bumpy ride we have had. I guess this is just really therapy writing this down. I'm really screwed up right now. Any wisdom would be appreciated. Anyone ever come up with a prescription to stop the pain forever would be a millionaire. But in a sense, the worse the hurt the more evident the love shared. Thanks for letting me vent. I've taken two ambien and xanax to sleep and I guess its making me talkative.

Enjoy and max out the moments with the ones you love. Cherish the seconds because there might not be but a few left.