Hey! :newbie:

I found this site a few months ago and immediately bookmarked it and I've been lurking here and there, really unsure if this is what I wanted to do until the other day when the CRNA bug kicked me in the booty. That's when I realized that I really wanted to do this.

I was gonna wait until I was a SRNA or at least a pre SRNA before signing up here but I found allnurses unpredictable at best. I got in trouble there a few months ago and I've lost my pm "privileges" and everything that I post must be read by an admin before it actually goes up. I made a post last night on the CRNA board and I guess they decided not to display it. I've been a member there for 5 yrs and I don't need to deal with that type of foolishness.

I'm currently in the ED and only have my ADN so I have quite a road ahead of me. I plan to start taking classes for my BSN in the summer if I can and no later than the fall. I will then switch to the ICU in a few months so I will be getting my icu experience while I'm going for my BSN.

If I can do all this before I'm 30, it will be a great accomplishment for me, but if not, I will still have done it which will be great!

I'll be primarily lurking as there are a lot of information on this site already and I'm sure you guys don't need the congestion with multiple redundant questions.

I look forward to sharing my difficult journey ahead of me with you all!