OK, I'm asking many of you to take a step backwards here but I feel like I can count on this board more than Allnurses (especially since I've been banned, LOL) Also, I know we have a mix here including student nurses at the undergrad level so maybe someone else wants to hear ideas, too.

After several years in nursing (peds and OR, primarily) I've decided I really want to work in critical care... it's always been there but now it's time. I'm not sure anesthesia is truly something I want to do... we'll see how I adapt to ICU but I've really been thinking about it lately.

I have an interview scheduled next week at a local hospital (actually the one that was affiliated with my diploma program) and this is THE job I think I want. So how do I be sure? (and make a good impression along the way) What questions do you suggest I ask about the unit, staffing, type of care, etc? Obviously I should look for a strong orientation... but what is the criteria for that? How long? I've heard AACN curriculum?

The unit is MICU. IF I decide to pursue CRNA I still need to complete my BSN and will be waiting until my family is older... So I'm not sooo worried that this is the "right" unit to impress a CRNA program. Just a good unit to get started, learn about critical care, enjoy going to work, and be a stepping stone to a more specialized unit if need be. This hospital does have a trauma/SICU and CCU. Nearby is a hospital with PICU, Neuro/trauma ICU, burn ICU, etc if I really want that experience later.