240 spots and only 80 applicants accepted. All but two pre req met A&P I and II. I am enrolled right now for I. I had to take only one test to get in. In Missouri its called the dosage calculation test. I think each state has a similar/same test. There was an order(lottery) of the test and the first 80 passing scores (90% or greater) are in and then school is closed. The objective is to get in on the first try because there will be 80 passing scores before 240 people finish taking the test for the first time.

I took the test last Monday and have been sweating the results ever since. Last night they finally posted my 95%. Yeah! I am in. Now the next 6-7 years of my life are dedicated towards one goal. CRNA I have 100% support for the first 2 years (RN program) from my current employer. Then the next two years I will be bridging from RN to BSN online while working as RN hopefully in ICU. After BSN working as many hours as possible, saving and paying off any bills possible to make ready for grad school. The wife is going to be following me all the way thru school until grad school. She will work as BSN fulltime while I am at grad school. She wants to get her MSN but she is not 100% committed in a certain direction. She is leaning towards neonatal nurse practitioner.

I am pumped.