There are 4 schools in Michigan and I think MSU is starting one also. I live 10 minutes from University of Michigan and all the clinical sites. So obviously I would like to get into UofM. Does it look bad to only apply to one school. I would do whatever it takes, but if I do everything they want and make myself competitive, why would they look down on me if I only apply to one school? I would like to try UofM first and I dont get in, then try the others. The application deadlines and the interview dates are all different, so I would hate to accept at a school I didnt want to go to before I get a chance to interview with UofM. People tell me that it make yourself look bad that you dont want it bad enough. I do want it bad, but I would be able to perform a lot better if I drove 10 minutes vs. 1 hour. Plus I love UofM.