I have my interview in one month at a program that I applied to last year but was placed on the alternate list. I really want to make sure that I impress them this year. Can you all think of anything specific I should expect as a return candidate? Also what are some of the hottest issues right now that I should be researching...seems like it would be the Medicare reimbursement to me??

I have two years of ICU experience but it was almost 7 years ago, I also have 5 years in ER and over a year now as a flight nurse. Since my last interview I have started working PRN in ICU, still work PRN in ER and flying full time. I also took a Pathophysiology class (made an "A") and got my instructor status in ACLS, PALS, NRP, and PHTLS. If anybody can think of any last minute stuff I should do....please let me know!!!

Anxiously awaiting interview,