Long time lurker, first time poster here. I love reading all of the posts, every one seems so supportive and has lots of good advice, so I have a question I want to throw out. Here is the deal. I am a new grad, and I just started working in a high acuity, high volume SICU three months ago. I really want to be a CRNA, and am trying to plan out when I want to go to school. I am still fairly young, but I want to go to nurse anesthesia school soon as possible so I can finish, work a couple of years, and then start a family. I have read enough posts here to know that the one year of ICU experience just isn't going to cut it for school. But... what about two years of SICU experience? I am absolutely NOT one of those people that became a nurse to go to nurse anesthesia school as soon as possible 'to make money'. This is something I never dreamed I would want to do until fairly recently, but it seems as though I would really like to do this for the rest of my life. I really want to be a safe SRNA, and I don't want to cut corners, but my husband and I can't to wait forever to start a family. Anybody out there that went to school after only two years of experience? Or have any insight into it? Thanks in advance for your words of wisdom!