I have long been a lurker on this forum reading every possible post I can. I find this forum much nicer,more informative and professional than AN.com. I am very pleased to announce that about two weeks ago I received a call from the program director letting me know that I had been accepted to KU's program. I start around May. Thanks to all who have helped. For any other lurkers out there here were my stats:

High School 1998
BS Business Administration 2002
Accelerated BSN program at Mizzou 2006
Precepted in the SICU at (Level I)
Took Staff Nurse position in SICU upon graduating
Started charging occasionally at 8 months
Float to other ICUs
On several committees in the unit
Member of ANA and AACN
Shadowed a couple of CRNAs at KU before interviewing
CCRN 2 days before interviewing
11 months experience when I applied and will have 1 year 9 months when I start the program.

I also took classes such as Physics, Calculus, Chem I, Chem II, Organic Chem and Botany

My letter of references were from my unit manager, nursing instructor and a CRNA.