this one was interesting.

the question applies to both head and forearm.

1) Where is the MOST correct position to place the electrodes that you are going to hook your nerve stim. to. (both head and arm) (i.e. how far apart) and of course-- WHY?

2) where do you want to place the + and - lead cables? (i.e. on arm, which is placed distal/proximal?.....and on head same thing - top of head vs lower?) -- WHY?

3) what is the MOST correct Hz ( i believe its Hertz, though honestly, i'm not 100%) setting (1-10) to set stim. to elicit your TOF and tet. responses? -- WHY?

:yumyum: <--- CRNA's look while waiting for junior student to arrive so he could ask me these questions in case.