Hello! This is my first post and I'm just looking for some general information. If the answer can be found on another thread, please direct me there, I couldn't find one that answered my question.

I'm a former high school Biology/A&P teacher who is looking to make a career change. I've been out of the workforce for the last four years, home raising two children (who are now 4 and 2). I know my career path will be medical, but I'm looking at all my options right now. Researching becoming a PA, MD, or CRNA. My father-in-law is an MD and my uncle is a CRNA, so I've seen both professions first-hand.

My question-for schools that offer a BSN, what is the route someone would take to become an RN in that program since I already have a Bachelor's degree? I know that to get an associate's degree in nursing at the local community college, it would take two years. Would that be the same at a university that offers a BSN? I read somewhere (but, of course, can't remember where) that schools that offer a BSN have a nursing program option for those who already have a Bachelor's that is only a year.

Thanks in advance for any replies!