SO I recently started a new 12 bed ICU(general surgical, hearts but no trauma) position in Chicago. I was attracted to the position by all the "awards" listed on the website that the hospital got from Health Grades (top 5% in CV care, Crit. Care, etc.), and the interview where I was told I'd see certain cases, etc.

I left a level 1 trauma hospital with an SICU and a CVICU, both fast paced and nearly always full (12 beds each). After a yr. there things weren't working out and I needed a change in a big way, hence the move. I realize now that I left a place with good experience.

Now that I'm off orientation at the new place, I haven't seen what was "advertised" in the interview; AAA's, routine CABG/Valves, neuro's...They do come, but not nearly to any degree of the previous hospital, and I never get assigned them(I've been told more or less I have to earn it. understandable.) I'm seeing more Sepsis, ARDs, GI bleeds, Chest pain. I do however get vents, A-lines, gtts and Swans(which few of them know how to truly use/interpret by AACN standards anyway)

Some RN's there have said how it's a slow, routine kind of job, not the place to go to learn. My preceptor told me how some RNs told her I was too excited and basically I needed to back off. Our perfusionist RN, who picked up on my desire to learn, told me that it wasn't the place to prepare for Grad programs in general, that I'd do better at a university hospital. My preceptor who is totally for advancing education(and well traveled to diff. ICU's) told me it WOULD be a good place. I shadowed a CRNA/Clinical SRNA educator at my #1 choice CRNA program here in Chicago, he said " OH yeh, I've done Locum work there now and then...We've accepted students from there before, that experience is sufficient." There have been RNs here that get accepted to CRNA and APN schools also. :dunno:

Problem is I just don't know what to do anymore; part of me feels like I should leave for "better" exp., but then I risk starting all over, orienting, gaining trust/establishing relationships with potential references, getting the hard cases...

I'm focusing on taking the best care of my current pt's, asking well thought out questions, popping in to help/learn the hearts, keeping my mouth shut about CRNA. I plan on getting my CCRN, taking a few courses at my choice CRNA program, and applying(to several programs) this summer...Hopefully I'll have started the open heart orientation and have some cases under my belt. Should I stick with this or pack up and go somewhere bigger?

Sorry for the length! :boring: