I'm interested in continuing on next year for my masters degree in nursing and I'm wondering if anyone found it a benefit to have this level of education prior to admission to a CRNA program?

I want to do it for several reasons, one is my gpa is only a 3.4 and I would like to show that I can handle the masters level courses rather than retaking undergrad credits. It may go up over the next semester too I hope. Plus I want to stay in the learning mode, I truly enjoy taking courses and continuing my education and I'm thinking as long as I will have a few years while I gain my SICU experience why not take the courses needed for the MSN? I don't know what the benefit would be to doing a FNP, maybe take a nursing management path or even an educational degree in nursing? Which one would be more beneficial in your opinion if any? Plus since all the programs include a MSN degree wouldn't I bet getting a few courses out of the way that I wouldn't have to take during the CRNA program?

Thanks for any insight, ~Jen