Hi there!

I'm a 23 yr old, 4th year f/t BSN student (graduate this May). I've learned a lot just by "lurking" around this forum and will try not to ask anything that has already been covered (I hate that!).

I work as an ED tech (in Fast Track, 32hrs/wk) at a small hospital near my university (U of NH), and have gone out of my way to shadow a few CRNAs over the undergrad years. I've wanted to be a CRNA since high school and it's the reason I went to nursing school' to begin with. I'm not in it for the money (although it's nice, of course), etc. So I think I'm doing pretty well in the "passion for" and "early experience" departments. If all goes well, I'll start my RN work in a critical care unit (however, most of my professors (non-CRNAs) say to start off in med/surg....).

However, I took my science courses (a year of general chem, a semester of bio, an accelerated summer of a "full year" of A&P), my freshman year. During which 'life' (divorce, other crap), got in the way, and my grades suffered. So my GPA is only a ~3.2. :Flush:

I'm not sure if I can take these classes (or others like them) post-graduation to either increase my GPA or show that I can do well in the subjects. Any ideas? It seems to me like taking the same courses or higher courses in the same subjects would pretty much cancel out the bad grades. At least show that I'm serious, determined, etc, etc.

Thanks in advance for any advice!