So my application is gone and I sit here...waiting, reading these sites for any piece of information about my school. You see, I applied to just one school and now I'm wondering if that was such a bright move...maybe I should have increased my chances by applying to more?? It seemed to make sense at the time, afterall my stats are solid. OR ARE THEY? Anyone else understand where my head is at? Oh the doubt!

Anyway, rationally I know I've done all I can. I worked hard to put that app together and create a solid profile...4.0, 600 V, 660 M, 5.0 Writing, CCRN, 1 year ICU, 1 year Open Heart why am I now doubting that I will get in...doubting I'll even get an interview. Wondering if this was a HUGE strategic error!

I appreciate you letting me vent! Once I'm in (if I get in) I'll be more active on the board and not such a lurker! For now, if you guys don't mind could you all just respond and tell me there's no way I could NOT get in? I need some superficial confidence boosters! Thanks so much in advance!