What are the “best” CRNA programs?

There is no “ranking” of schools. The term “best” has little meaning, because it means different things to different people. Rather than worrying about finding the “best” school, it is probably better to find a school that is the “best” fit for you. In your considerations, you should include geographical location (is the school close by, or in an area you are willing to relocate to), length of schooling, and program cost. If a school is accredited, it will provide you with the education needed to pass the certification exam and become a CRNA.

Yes, a national news magazine does do an annual article about the "best" schools, and they do include a ranking of schools for CRNA's. The problem is that these rankings are very subjective, based primarily on a survey sent to program directors. They don't include data like graduation rates, board pass rates or any of the other standard tools you might use in selecting a school.

Again, don't look for the "best ranked" school. Look for the school that is the best fit for you.