I'm in my Sr yr BSN and I've been offered a position at a big hospital in the area and I was offered to shadow in both units and then let them know asap where I want to be. Any pro's or con's to choosing one over the other? I'm leaning towards SICU just because the expereince would be so varried, she said anything that comes out of the OR is fair game, liver, kidney, pancrease transplants, post masectomy breast reconstructions, AAA's, any GI and also patients that are post Code will come there for a bit. CV of course is CV and this is a major heart hospital.

Either way atleast I'm in somewhere that will get me where I want to be in a few years and that is ready to apply! I've decided to work full time for 2-3yrs and then apply, my youngest will be in Kindergarten then and the oldest in Highschool (with tons of family around for support) so the few years of expereince and waiting will all work out!