I am applying to school next fall (so I would potentially begin school in aug/sep 2009) I have two years to prepare, and I want to make sure that I am a very strong interview candidate. So here is a bit about me (maybe too much)... Let me know what I can do to improve... I would like to approach the head of the program later this year having already anticipated her suggestions for improvement (am I neurotic or what). I have an SRNA friend that is my Yoda of sorts, but I figure throwing this out couldn't hurt...

BS in General Science from Michigan State (GPA 3.42) (I have calc 2 and physics 1&2)
- I got a 2.5 in orgo secondary to couch burning/rioting and I am retaking it in Jan. at OU That is a joke... I was an RA unfortunately... Sounded exciting thought, right?

Post Bach K-8 teaching certification with masters level course work at MSU (GPA 3.8 in associated masters classes)

BSN Oakland University Accelerated 2nd Degree Program (GPA 3.5)

I work in a SICU that is unique in that we have 20 beds, of which 6 are Surg. progressive. We get neuros/traumas, GIB, overflow from MICU and CCU. We are basically ICU generalists in that we get a bit of everything- keeps you on your toes and always learning. We obviously don't get open hearts, which begs the question... Do I need the open heart experience even though we take care of AAAs etc? Is the progressive section of my unit a drawback?

I was full time for a year, 3 month leave (Yay for babies!) and I am now part-time doing 2 twelves a week (although I usually pick up 2 extra shifts a month in addition). I plan on staying part time because I want to maximize my time with my little man before I commit to 2 years of intense school. Husbands on board. Will part time status be looked on negatively even though I will have over 3 years experience?

I am on multiple committees at work (education, Keystone, APACHE) and a member of Sigma Theta Tau.

I plan on attending OU (aka I will apply over and over until I eventually get in). Should I just suck it up and take the GRE even though I can opt out with a 3.5 GPA and have passed grad classes? CCRN?

Suggestions? Any and all are greatly appreciated!:nurse:

If you have taken the time to read this I really truly appreciate it!