Hello to all. I am fairly new to the site and have found most posters on this site to be very helpful...thanks. Anyway, I have a question for you all. My good friend and I have been working on our apps for crna schools this summer and fall. Very recently my buddy has developed symptoms very consistent with multiple sclerosis. He is seeing doctors currently but he has not been officially diagnosed. It is very probably though due to his symptoms and the fact that his mother has multiple sclerosis. So I am wondering if any of you know anyone who is working or has worked as a crna and has ms? Or do you know of anyone who has gone through or is going through anesthesia school with ms? I know this is going to change his life, but it is just a question of how much. I know anesthesia school can be very stressful and that ms can be exxacerbated by stress, so it is concerning. Anesthesia has been a goal, if not a dream, for both of us for quite some time now and now this. It is truely an ugly disease. Please let me know your thoughts or any experiences you may have had with this. Thanks.