Hi there.
I have been researching CRNA schools for a while now and am finally starting to get serious about applying. A little about me. I have a BSN in nursing and have worked in a busy CICU for about 3.5 years now. I have ACLS, CRRT, and IABP certifications. Currently I'm studying for my CCRN. I just looked at my undergrad transcript from college online and my GPA is 3.1. (I got a D in a literature class freshman year that didnt help) My nursing grades are all Bs or better. IE: Pharm, Patho, A&P, general chem, bio. But my statistics is a C and biorganic chem is a C+. Im wondering if before I apply to school I should retake a stat and chem class to get a better grade. Anyone have any advice?
Thanks in advance!