I'm about to finish my first year of ICU, all the while trying to fit in study time for GRE/CCRN/Balloon pump/WMD for my license renewal, and I either need some encouraging words that this is how the road is travelled, or I need a kick in the pants and to step up the pace.
I also don't know how to gauge my level of ICU experience. I'm in a regular CICU, we don't see too many Swans, I feel like we're a glorified chest pain unit sometimes. I'd like to transfer over to the CVCU, it would be easy, but they are getting called off because our census is low and the open hearts are not coming in like before.
I have alot of pressure coming from my wife to apply to school starting in November/December. She means well, she wants me to succeed, but all she sees is the minimum requirements that schools post. She doesn't realize what it is like to take care of highly acute patients, and that maybe 1 year is not enough, for me at least, to feel competent to do so. I know this is long and winded, but hopefully someone has had the same experience and can share how they made it through