I have been a RN for 5 years now (mostly ER) and I'm going to be applying next fall hopefully to start CRNA school in 2009. Here's what I'm doing so far to prepare before applying next year:

I have left the ER and will be will be working in a large, busy ICU fulltime (UAB). That would give me almost 2 years ICU experience before starting school.

I am studying to retake the GRE in March (I did horribly on it the first time I took it 2 years ago) the first time I took it cold. So I will take it seriously this time and give myself 6 months to study.

After I complete the GRE, I will start studying and take CCRN in July.

I will also take organic chemistry. After organic chemistry, I'm thinking of taking a graduate level course (pharmacology or pathophysiology) to show them I can handle graduate level courses.

I welcome any suggestions to help make myself a great applicant. Thanks in advance!

I welcome any suggestions!