Hey all, I am new to this forum, but I am most impressed. Quick question for those who have been through the app process. Last week I was shadowing a CRNA who happens to be a clinical coordinator for a school I am not appyling to and she thought my GRE score was too low for any program ( Verbal 520 Quant. 640 for a 1160 total, essay was 5). She thought I needed at least 1400 and that I should retake it. She was very kind, helpful and encouraging but this statement was a little discomforting. What are your thoughts? These are my other stats:

2.5 years MICU/SICU (busy) experience
GPA 3.6 overall (3.78 nursing, 3.4 science)
...plus I'm a friggin Eagle Scout!!! Who wouldn't want me?!?! (sarcasm)