Last nite was my first shift off orientation in SICU at UAB. It was one more nite. The first shift off orientation you are allowed to pick your first assignment. I chose to grab the bull by the horns and take the busiest patient. It was a levo,dobutimine, epi,vaso, propofol, and ativan nite, on one patient. (not all at once) Along with all the other orders it was a valuable learning experience for me. I know my time management skills need a lot more work and maybe I won't be so wore out at the end of my shift. I hope I will be settled into the job by the first of the year when I start my BSN program. I've put the classes on the back burner at the moment to concentrate on my job and to spend more time with the family that I missed while I was in nursing school. Thanks again to everyone for your support here at