In an effort to find an easy and convenient way to review more information related to anesthesia I started looking into what I could get in mp3 format or CD format which i could listen to on the way to clinical and class. Really, there isnt much out there but I did find one particularly impressive gem, Audio Digest Foundation (

Audio digest has been in the business of continuing education since 1952 and it shows. They have partnerships with 150 plus teachings institutions where they record CE/CME meetings (the AANA is an educational contributor). They offer everything from Anesthesia to urology! It really is amazing.

For SRNAs this is a resource which is absolutely worth it. The reason I decided to do this review is because I bought it myself and have been very impressed by the quality. If you don't use MP3s you can get CDs or tapes sent right to your house. However, the ultimate accessibility comes with the ability to download the MP3 and listen to to whenever you want.

Not only is this an informational tool but it is a CE/CME tool for CRNAs as well. Each lecture comes with a downloadable (or printed) summary as well as objectives from the lecture. Also, there is a pretest to take prior to listening to the lecture and a post test after the lecture in order to gage what was learned from the topic. It really is amazing.

Now on to price, and this is where it is really exciting for students!

1st off, there is a 10% discount if you choose the online MP3 option.

a 20% discount for all non-physicians. So right off the bat, its 30% less than what is advertised for CRNAs.

get over 60% off regular price on the anesthesia Subscription Services. One-year subscriptions only.

Anesthesiology (24 Issues per Year)

Online Only: $310.86 (All countries)

CD/Cassette: $345.40 (U.S.A.)

* This is before the 30% discount for CRNAs or 60% for SRNAs *

As a SRNA my cost for
24 Issues per Year : $100.95 Anesthesiology 12 Month Subscription | Online Only

Really. That is a major discount and a cheap way to keep up on the new information plus get CEs.

The people at audio digest have been gracious enough to allow me to post a couple of their MP3s on this website for SRNAs and CRNAs to evaluate. I will put those in the downloads section so that our Pre-SRNA, SRNA and CRNA members can take a peek. (sorry cant put it here where all registered users can see it due to bandwidth concerns). I will post the quick written pdf summary they provide in this review. Please click HERE to goto the download section and under Misc Anesthesia Related Files you will see the audio digest sub category. The MP3s are in that section.

The 1st one is:

Education on litigation
Volume 48, Issue 10
May 21, 2006

Closed claims update: does anesthesiology have an Achilles heel? – Karen B. Domino, MD
Medical accountability vs legal vulnerability – Harry K. Wallfisch, MD

The summary is attached to this review as a PDF.

The 2nd one which i will upload at a later date is:

Audio-Digest Anesthesiology
Volume 48, Issue 18
September 21, 2006

Anesthesia for common pediatric emergencies – Daniel E. Lee, MD
Emergence agitation – Gary M. Scott, MD
Common postoperative problems: what the pediatrician needs to know – Myron Yaster, MD

The PDF summary is attached for this article.

I have been really impressed listening to these lectures. My initial concern was being unable to hear them well do to background noises in a lecture hall or listening to weak lecturers. I found NEITHER of this to be true. Not only is it clear, but the lecturers are obvious masters of the information they are presenting!

I highly recommend it!

As with everything on this website, I have not been paid (nor will I ever) to do this review. I paid for my own subscription. This is just simply worth it!

Many thanks to
Mr. Lon Osmond Vice President and Executive Editor of The Audio Digest Foundation for giving us permission to repost these pdf's and mp3s.