I have been offered an intrest free loan for the total cost of attendance for school from a group. This is a group one of the hospitals I haved worked in for several years. I have also shadowed CRNA's in this group and feel strongly that this is a place where I would like to work. This is an anesthesia care team that has supervising MDA's. They give the CRNA's a lot of autonmy once they get to know them and allow them to function within there full scope of practice. Based on what I have read on other CRNA forums most of the group sponserships consist of money that does not have to be paid back. I don't know of any of these locally except for a couple of locations that I allready know that I don't want to work anyway. It would be helpful for me if others could post what type of assistance(including terms and conditions)that has been recieved or offered. This will help me to Negotiate further with this group and maybe get some money that does not have to be paid back. Also, I was wondering if it would be advised to pay an attorney to look over the contract if it seems like a straightfoward aggreement with easy to understand wording.

Thanks in advance