I'm an ADN student who is interested in CRNA, but the biggest obstacle for me is the "no income for two years". We can't survive on only my wife's income (she's a teacher at a private school!). I had planned to complete an RN-BSN program when I'm done with school and working (employeer will pay tuition :-) and after that, I'd like to get some experience and go for CRNA. Like I said, the income in an issue so I've been considering NP (either ACNP or possibly NNP) because I can go part-time and still work.

I discovered something the other day that may help me do CRNA school. My local university where I plan on doing my RN-BSN offers an RN-MSN where I can eliminate several classes (at least one semester, possibly an entire year) and go ahead and get my NP. This can be done part-time while I work.

What I'm wondering is, is there a post-Master's option for CRNA? If I already was an ACNP, could I go for my CRNA and eliminate the generic Master's classes and take the courseload down enough that it would be possible to work a few shifts while in school? Also, if I was an ACNP, I could work in an ER/Urgent Care Center and make more money on the hour than as a staff nurse and wouldn't have to work nearly as much to make enough to supplement my wife's income so that we could enjoy the luxeries of life like food and shelter. :-)

Any thoughts?