Ok, I'm a newby working on my ADN which should be done early next year 2008. This is a career change step for me and I have some baggage. I guess I need advice on where to shore up the academic holes prior to being eligible for a CRNA application.

Hx: A Licensed chiropractor of 5 years with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree, all pre-meds done and a B.S. in Anatomy. Switching careers to mainstream medicine and have looked at all the options and the world of nursing is the most appropriate for me.

Since I have a BS degree (mediocre GPA...~3.0 cumm/sci) and all the background pre-meds done and some graduate level science to boot...are there CRNA programs that will accept a BS (not nursing) along with RN for admissions? :beerglass:

If not, my plans are to attain an ASN, obviously practice as an RN 1+ years while applying but also enrolling immediately in an MSN program (RN to MSN) while doing my time as an RN. I figure I can have a fall back if I'm not going to get into CRNA. Good idea?

What are basically the ideal background qualifications, GPA (acceptable/salvageable) and Certs that would assist in a school such as Texas Weslyan with the big classes? I live in Fort Worth so obviously this is my 1* choice.

Thanks for any info/input.