Do you guys know of any Canadians or Internationals who successfully went the CRNA route recently? I've been doing quite a lot of research through most of the large places reddit/allnurses/here and aside from a discussion a decade ago in 2009 by a Canadian RN who moved to the states even earlier, I have not found anything recent.
I'm aware of the hurdles and have a general plan, but was really to connect with someone who has successfully done it or is currently doing it.(This is super long, and I'm aware most of you won't be able to help... But any advice is appreciated... Also I figure this post might pop-up for other Canadians searching this topic in the future... I'm cool with you PMing me so we can figure things out)So far the plan is :
  • Work in Canada for like a year after graduation (Unless I can get hired in the states as a new grad right away, but unlikely imo)
  • VisaScreen -> Find an ICU job in the states -> Get my TN1 Visa + SSN + Eligible to register with the states BON (Note I'll be writing the Canadian NCLEX so I don't believe I'll have to write any tests... just register)
  • Make sure the job I got is in a hospital with CRNAs to start shadowing and getting experience
  • Apply to programs as an international (I emailed some, looked at other websites and the ones I looked and it seemed like as long as I had a US RN license I could apply no problems...), get accepted and move here with an F1 Student Visa
  • After graduation, I should be able to get a job right away under OPT? (I saw some weird posts online about a 6 month gap where you are not able to work but they were older posts and didn't seem to apply?). Can do that for 12 months (I don't think CRNA is one of the 'STEM' things that can extend the OPT up to 36 months?).

Important thing: I try to find a job that is willing to sponsor me for an H1B Visa. I believe CRNAs are pretty in demand and that I won't have trouble finding a hospital to sponsor me for an H1B?
  • Biggest hurdle in all of this: I need to either save up and/or get private loans from Canadian Banks/institutions for a total of ~150-170k to cover tuition+living expenses, as I won't be eligible for federal loans and don't know any US citizens to cosign US loans. I think I can do this, already have a decent amount of savings and I have a cosigner available here in Canada... just gotta meet with banks eventually to see if the fact that CRNAs are not recognized in Canada still makes it okay for me to get the rest as a loan... but doable I believe.

But if I can't get the $, my alternate plan was after getting experience I'd apply for one of those Nursing Agencies that hire international nurses under 2 year contracts (usually for critical care positions like the ICU) that come WITH A GREENCARD through an EB-3 Visa. With this greencard I'm now eligible for student loans and have the $. But my worry here is: the places that I'd get hired for the 2 years would be ****ing awful and I'd hate my life as these are places where US RNs don't want to work... Plus I need enough experience to be hired by the agency in the first place which makes this a longer route. On the bright side this route also eliminates H1B problems as I already have a greencard.
  • Also a little scared regarding not getting an H1B because it's partly a lottery? Don't know too much about likelihood/probability of this uhg... But I figure worst case scenario is I get a job near the border, live in Canada, and just work via a TN1 visa while my H1B stuff gets figured out?

(I've also seen a lot of people do some convoluted greencard applications while they are on the TN1 visa and it seemed to work but was risky because the TN1 is not a dual intent visa, so that seems too risky for my liking).
  • Alternate alternate plan: Can i marry someone here for a greencard?