I have been an RN for 3 years now, with 1.5 of those years in the ICU. I am currently exploring all of my available options concerning my future in the nursing profession. I currently have a monkey on my back and that monkey's name is CRNA. I understand the CRNA school requirements and that CRNA school is difficult. I am ready for those challenges and fully welcome them as one of the draws of being a CRNA is the increased expectations of being autonomous and knowing your shit. Before I make any moves towards CRNA school I would love to shadow a few CRNA's and pick their brains. I am located in Daly City, CA but I am willing to travel to come and shadow. I need to know if I should keep this monkey on my back or knock it off and pursue a different path.

Thank you

P.S. If you let me shadow I will buy lunch or post work beer if you into that sort of thing.