Iím just starting my nursing education in Utah and know that once I have my BSN completed the next step for me will be doing everything I can to become a CRNA. In Jan. 2011 when I was 18 I plead guilty to an impaired driving ticket which is Utahís equivalent to a DWI. At this same time I received a possession of marijuana ticket that was dismissed, and that same year I receieved an underage alcohol ticket.

By the time Iím eligible for a CRNA program a total of 12-14 years will have passed. I will also be able to have had everything expunged because Iíve stayed out of trouble since this time in my life. Iím just trying to find out from people who have maybe had similar situations or have friends who were in similar situations what I can expect. Is this past going to greatly reduce my odds at being admitted into a school/obtaining a license? Is it going to make me ineligible for jobs because of other factors(insurance, credentialing, etc)?

Thank you,