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    I'm Currently applying for Anesthesia school, application deadline is November 1st so I have time to prepare my application before submission but I do have worries regarding my stats for school. My stats are as follows:

    -3.44 cumulative GPA. Graduated Cum Laude with my RN-BSN program I completed. My ADN was completed at a local community college. All science courses (A&P, micro, chemistry, stats, etc.) are A's. My ADN specific nursing courses are the only classes that have brought my GPA down.

    -3 years experience at level 3 trauma center combined MICU/CCU/SICU. I have had some relief charge experience an I have been the preceptor to quite a few new hires during their orientation period. CRRT/IABP/Impella LVAD trained.

    -Certified in BLS, ACLS, PALS, and I have my CCRN as well as my TNCC

    -I have a combined 34 hours shadowed with multiple CRNA's between two different hospitals in different cities for varied experience. One of the hospitals I shadowed at is directly affiliated with the CRNA school I am applying to.

    For what it's worth I also have no spouse, no children, 26 years old and have full focus on completing school with very minimal current distractions.
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