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If you consider staying in your ICU after only 11 months "sucking it up", you might not be very happy with what's waiting for you in anesthesia training. Honestly, this sort of scheming mindset doesn't bode well for a career as a CRNA. Are we mis-reading your intentions? Think some soul searching may be in order?
I'll echo telliards concern. You should be head and shoulders above your icu peers if you have been accepted to crna school. An icu job should be easy, it may not be fun but looking for an out at 11 months sets off alarm bells for me as someone who's a year out from graduation. The hours may not be as great as pacu but the icu is where you need to build your foundation when your expected to take off running in crna clinicals. If you cannot handle shift work in an icu ; 70 plus hours a week of getting dumped on at the hospital when learning anesthesia, plus papers, review courses, and the other pains of crna school will break you. I'm not trying to be mean, just trying to offer some perspective from someone who is at the peak stress level of the extremely difficult journey you are about to take in school.