Hello everyone! I started school this Fall and have not yet met any non-faculty CRNAs or anesthesiologists as clinicals start in January. However, we need to complete three field interviews (10 questions). Is there anyone who would be willing to answer some interview questions? I will just post the questions below. If you want a PM, let me know.

What learning projects have you undertaken in the past year (or two)? How many? On what topics?

Why are you a CRNA?

What ethical issues do you feel are important to the practice of anesthesia?

What are some of the barriers to the practice of nurse anesthesia?

Should nurse anesthetists be allowed to practice independent of anesthesiologists?

How have governmental regulations impacted the practice of anesthesia?

What is the biggest advantage in practice as a CRNA vs practice as a registered nurse?

What is your favorite PONV cocktail?

How do you feel about the AANA?