First time poster to this site, but it has been a great resource for me.
I am looking for any kind of advice for choosing between the Midwestern program vs the Gonzaga program. I have already been accepted into Midwestern (yay). I have no obligations so moving around a lot in the MWU program is not an issue for me, but Gonzaga is closer to home for what it's worth. I'm strictly looking for which program will give me the best experiences and will make me the most independent and proficient CRNA upon graduation (and land a decent job). I've read some great things on these forums about both schools, though less about the Gonzaga program. From what I understand:

MSN program
Lots of CRNA only clinicals
Modeled after military program (I'm prior military)
Lots of traveling
Class size ~ 30

DNAP program
Mostly clinical at Sacred Heart
Mostly based out of Spokane
Closer to home, lots of family in Spokane
Class size = 10

Costs seem comparable. Any input greatly appreciated.