29 yo prime for CSx. Completely healthy. Uneventful pregnancy (CPD). No meds, allergy, hx, PFHx. Nrml vs on admission to pre-op. Temp 97.1.
SAB with PF MS 0.4 uneventful, excellent surgical anesthesia. Takes about 45 mins (average for our place). Patient a little diaphoretic intra op, skin warm to a little cool but she's feeling fine with SVS. Intra-op temp not monitored. Gets to POHA 95 degrees. 2 L intra-op LR, unwarmed, no intra-op active warming. FA heater on in PAR with fluid warmer. Less than an hour later she's 94 and a little diaphoretic. Motor/sensory block fully receded, she gets to 92.4 by midnight ( Section started around 21:00) Awake alert and oriented with SVS the whole time. Nurses begging to send her to the floor. By 01:30 she's 95 and O6:00 normal. Have at it.