I wanted to start a thread as a way to document my journey to becoming a CRNA. I've lurked on this site since I was 16 and I've learned a lot from you guys so thank you.

I became interested in the profession through my dad who is an OR nurse. When I was 16 he asked if I wanted to watch some surgeries and see what his job was like. I loved the operating room environment and became interested in the nurse anesthetist's job and have wanted to be one ever since.

I have a mentor/friend that I get to shadow when I can, he teaches me what he can and is very supportive. I just finished my first year of college and I have 2 prerequisites left before I apply for nursing school in the spring, which I am very excited about.

Right now now I am trying to get CNA certified, I have 30 hours of experience of performing CNA duties as part of an Allied Health program that I was part of in high school. I know CNA experience will be great for nursing school. Right now I am a tutor and volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters and K9 Partners for Patriots which is something I want to continue for as long as I can.

My dream is to attend USUHS through the Air Force. I have always had a desire to serve and I have heard a lot about how well military CRNAs are trained, so it seems like a perfect option.

Any comments or advice is welcome and appreciated, and thank you to wtbcrna and SOSTCRNA for the advice you have given me.