So is there something that I am not doing right? This is my 2nd year of trying to get into school. 1st year got 1 interview out of 2 applications and didn't get in. This time I got 3 interviews out of 4 applications and then got wait-listed at those 3 programs (Duke, Raleigh school of anesthesia, and UNC-Charlotte). Since it is May I am assuming that my chances of coming off the wait-list and being admitted are now close to 0. The only thing I can think of doing is taking a grad school course and trying t retake the gre again. But then again how is that I get wait-listed at 3 places but not get admitted into one?
My resume
gre 299
gpa 3.56
3.5 years in cicu
almost 2.5 years in cticu
experience doing rapid response, code team, and charge
experience with open chest, iabp, impella, tandem heart, crrt, etc