Hi all!

I have been browsing this site for a few months now and finally decided it was time for an account. I am currently a Critical Care Flight Paramedic in the U.S. Army and plan on getting out within the next few months. I have a BA in psychology and I am currently applying to UTEP Nursing program. I would like to get a year or 2 of solid ICU nursing under my belt and then apply for the Army's CRNA program. I am super excited to start this next phase of my life and can not wait to join the ranks of the CRNA's.

I have had the opportunity to work with many CRNA's, both civilian and military, through training and sustainment. Their dedication, knowledge, and willingness to help and teach is what has driven me to this decision. Hopefully I will be able to post in the "I just got accepted" thread in the upcoming years. In the meantime if anyone has any advice or tidbits, good, bad, or ugly, I am all ears.

Thanks for providing this community!