Hello all and thank you for reading this. Since my last post I have finished my BSN and have been practicing in a 20 bed general ICU for over a year. I have decided to leave San Antonio, TX and move Los Angeles, CA where I have been offered two jobs. One being in at the RICU/MICU at Cedars-Sinai fulltime and the other at the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare system in their ICU. My 2-3 year plan is to 100% attend CRNA school if afforded the opportunity.

My question is for the purpose and goal of attending CRNA school what would yall do? The pay at both is VERY similar.

A few pros/cons that I see are as follows

Cedars: MICU/RICU no cardiac exposure assuming I stay on the floor etc (have heard some CRNA schools show preference of the RN that is able to care for the post CABG patient etc), a 18 month commitment at the hospital, $3000 in moving expenses, free scrubs, and other little small end perks. For me the take away is beautiful level one huge opportunity and feel blessed to have been offered a job here work, attend community college for the odd end o-chem or biochem, take CCRN, and the GRE and apply to civilian schools.

VA: Definitely huge opportunity to work here and with the potential to take CABG patients (can you tell the common denominator here), excellent pay, chance to work with veterans and their families, the potential to apply for the usagpan program with the VA, no bonus, no move incentive etc.

Personally I have been to both facilities and like them both as they each have their own set of pros/cons.

Anyways long story short in terms of attending CRNA school what would you lean more towards? The VA because of the benefits/possibly of "free" CRNA school without the financial burden or Cedars working in a level one taking a few classes and applying to civilian CRNA schools? All answers advice appreciated thank you all take care.

Tony RN