Hello all you wonderful CRNA's!
I have a question regarding CRNA school and admission.
I currently work as a flight RN (rotor) and have done so for the last 6 years. Prior to that i worked as an ED/Trauma RN in a level I trauma center (also 6 years). But......no proper ICU experience. (those of you that have flight backgrounds know that some ICU-ness is inherent in the flight world).
Is this sufficient to get into CRNA school?

Honestly, I'm guessing not, which is why I'm looking into getting a per diem ICU gig as well as moving to a different flight program (east coast) that is fairly ICU heavy. (ECMO, IABP, art gasses on vented pt's, i-stats, ultrasound, central lines, chest tubes, airway of course, etc.)

Im excited about continuing my flight career as much as possible but i also know that it has to end at some point. Would continuing to fly be at the detriment of my CRNA school admission?
Is per diem ICU for the ED nurse sufficient?

Or should i just bite the bullet and go full time CVICU?

Looking at UNE for CRNA school.

Thanks in advance for any advice!