My husband and I both are planning on applying to CRNA school this year. We are hoping at least one of us will be accepted and we can go from there. Planning on applying to OLOL and Chattanooga. Our individual stats each have different strengths and weaknesses. Any opinions or advice for us would be appreciated!

ME: degrees: ADN BSN
cumulative gpa:3.06 BSN gpa 3.82 (failed first semester of adn nsg school, had to learn how to study)
experience: 1 year Heart failure floor nurse-charge nurse as needed
3 years CVICU nurse (post op open hearts/vads/ecmo)-charge nurse as needed
GRE: 150/156
CCRN: scheduled

HIM: degrees: ADN BSN
cumulative gpa: 3.6
exp: 2 years ortho
2 years NSICU/trauma
GRE: 154/150
CCRN: scheduled

Wanting to see how we stack up against other applicants. I know we won't be the top applicants, just want to know we have a chance!