Hello all, I just wanted to see how competitive I was compare to previous candidates.. I plan to apply to TWU, TCU, UTH

GRE: VB: 148 QC: 159 AWA: 3.5
BSBio GPA : 3.8
BSN GPA :3.4
Research experience during undergrad biology.
Nursing exp: 2 years med-surg, 2yrs CVICU(cardiac surgery, open chest, IABP, heart and lung transplants)
Cert: CCRN, working on CSC, CMC
Leadership: I was pretty active when i worked on med-surg, i am on one committee in ICU. When I move to days, i plan to be more involved.

There were 2 people who both got accepted last year with 2-3 years of experience.
One thing I am most worried is my GRE score.. I am not a native English speaker and struggled during VB/AWA... I studied solid 1months with multiple study aids, did 10 mock tests as well..

Any suggestions on what I should do to be more competitive? Should I consider retaking the GRE?